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4 chronic conditions nutritional therapy can treat in Stamford, CT
September 28, 2021 at 7:00 AM
4 chronic conditions nutritional therapy can treat in Stamford, CT

The way we eat has a significant impact on our body’s daily function, energy levels, and long-term health. While we might feel like eating foods that are bad for our body here and there, it all adds up and can have negative effects on our bodies with years of bad habits. However, for some, our bodies age and we start to feel these effects in other ways. Whether this is the development of arthritis, issues with bowels, or heart conditions that are related to genetics, sometimes we simply can’t avoid them.

With help from nutritional therapy in Stamford, CT, you can work to reverse the effects poor eating or aging has had on your overall health. At Dietitian For All, I can help you put together an effective plan for eating foods that are great for managing chronic conditions that have developed over the years. Read more to learn about just a few of these conditions.

Type 2 diabetes

Some chronic conditions are a result of years of poor eating and weight gain, others are genetic. While Type 2 diabetes is often associated with overloading your body with sugar for years, some people are more susceptible because of genetics. This often means that it’s only a matter of time before your body develops a condition, but you can still combat the effects.

Type 2 diabetes can often be managed or eliminated by properly managing your diet. As a dietitian, I can help you put together a diet plan that still allows you to eat many of the foods you enjoy while eliminating those that either won’t help your Type 2 diabetes or will exacerbate the condition.


The word osteoporosis means “porous bones.” This is a condition that’s often the result of your body’s inability to absorb the proper amount of calcium. It’s a common side effect associated with menopause or lifelong calcium insufficiency. It’s best to try to counteract a poor calcium intake by eating foods that have a lot of calcium in them. I can help you find the best foods to eat that will be great for reducing the long-term risks that come with osteoporosis.


Many of us will develop arthritis as we get older. It’s often part of the aging process as the cartilage between our bones begins to break down the tissue surrounding your joints get swollen and inflamed. Did you know that there are certain foods you can eat that will help to reduce inflammation throughout your body? I can help you identify these foods and teach you how to incorporate them into your regular diet. This is a great way to get natural pain relief from the foods you eat rather than relying on medications throughout the day to manage your arthritis pain.

Irritable bowel syndrome

The way that your body reacts to certain foods is a direct result of its ability to break them down during digestion. Irritable bowel syndrome is often a sign that there’s a problem somewhere in your digestive system and your body has an intolerance. With help from nutritional therapy, we can identify foods and their properties that are causing flare-ups and digestive issues. What’s more, we can find healthy alternatives that you still enjoy.

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If you’d like to learn more about chronic conditions that nutritional therapy in Stamford, CT can treat, get in touch with me at Dietitian For All. I can provide you with expert-level advice regarding how the foods you eat interact with your body and take a holistic approach to treatment. Give me a call at 203-977-2446 or send a message via the online contact form with your questions. You can also fill out the scheduling form to set up a consultation.

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