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3 ways getting a meal plan in Stamford, CT can fix your diet
February 17, 2021 at 11:00 PM
3 ways getting a meal plan in Stamford, CT can fix your diet

If you’re having trouble reining in your diet, you’re not alone. Our impulses can feel intractable, and they can definitely get the best of us. But one surefire way to get a handle on your diet is meal planning. This regimented approach is consistently one of the most effective ways of turning diets around. But if you’re unsure how to even begin, you came to the right place.

Because at Dietitian For All, I’ve been providing nutritional advice and counseling with a keen eye for years. Simply put: I’m the premier dietitian who can advise you and provide you with the best and most individualized meal plan in Stamford, CT and the Fairfield County area. Thanks to my 20 years of experience as a counselor, I’m able to synthesize dietary advice with interpersonal and analytical insight like no other.

So, without further ado, here are 3 ways a meal plan can fix your diet!

1. You eat healthier foods

It’s a scientific fact: when you’re hungry, your blood sugar drops. And this has dietary consequences because you’re more likely to eat whatever is easiest and most readily accessible when that happens. This is the precise reason many of us settle for take out, fast food, and other unhealthy options.

Having a meal plan in Stamford, CT is the perfect way to curb this by ensuring you have a balanced, nutrient-dense, and healthy meal ready and at the tip of your fork. And, since you’re not making decisions in the throes of hunger, you’re able to think critically about your planning.

You can premeditate your plan and write a grocery list to ensure you get your veggies, fruits, whole grains, and etc. Essentially, you’ll be turning health foods into foods of convenience, which is nothing short of a personal revolution!

2. It helps with portion control

The truth is most of the time we’re mindlessly consuming. But with a meal plan in Stamford, CT you’ll be able to control your portions. In fact, research shows that people consistently eat more food when they’re offered larger options. So if more is available, then it’s definitely something that’s hard to get a handle on.

This is crucial if you want to lose weight, but it’s also important for your overall health. Because overeating can have serious consequences, and portion control is vital because we have a tendency to eat everything we serve ourselves.

Plus, by eating less, you won’t feel so sluggish afterward and can take a walk or do something active. Without the indigestion and discomfort that follow such indulgence, you’ll truly realize how much we eat that we don’t need.

3. Helps with snacking throughout the day

When you start monitoring your portions, you’ll start to see how much excess food you consume not just in your meals, but also throughout the day. With a meal plan in Stamford, CT you can control how much food you consume in between meals, too.

Snacking is a huge culprit of imbalanced diets and we often don’t realize how much we do it. In fact, many people don’t factor it into their daily consumption. So by either including limited amounts of small, healthy snacks or getting rid of them all together, you’ll find that your diet will be much more balanced.

Schedule an appointment now!

If you want help putting together a meal plan in Stamford, CT or the Fairfield County area, then schedule an appointment now! Like with everything, getting started is the hardest part. But, with me at Dietitian For All, I’ll make sure you still get started with some momentum!

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