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Things you might discover from nutritionist genetic testing
May 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Things you might discover from a nutritionist genetic testing

Not everyone can jump on rote nutrition and exercise plans and see positive results. It’s not uncommon to get frustrated when you’re not slimming down like your workout buddy when you’re doing everything exactly the same. It’s important to remember that every body is different, down from the genetic code that built us, so we need to take a unique approach to nutrition. With advancements in genetic testing and sequencing the human genome, you can get down to the basic building blocks of your body and find out what exactly you can do to get the best results. Nutritionist genetic testing is a great way to learn what makes you different from your exercise buddy and how you can be more efficient with your nutrition. Read the guide below to learn more about things you can discover about yourself with genetic testing at Dietitian For All.

Predispositions to diseases

It’s possible to have genetic markers to point toward the likelihood that you’ll develop a disease later in life. It doesn’t matter if you show signs in your younger years or not, you could be at risk of developing specific types of cancers, food intolerances, or other diseases that impact what you can and cannot or should and should not eat. Nutritionist genetic testing is an effective way of identifying your risks for diseases early, so you can do everything possible now to reduce your risks later in life.

How to create targeted nutrition plans

Not everybody can handle food the same way. For instance, you might be following a diet plan that calls for a carbohydrate-heaven meal the day before a big workout, but you find that it’s not bringing the results you expected. So, why isn’t it working for you but it works for your friend? Your bodies are different. Nutritionist genetic testing can identify how your body metabolizes carbs, fats, and proteins, which gives you better insight into what your body can handle large amounts of and what it can’t.

Identify ideal eating patterns

We all need to eat to get the energy to survive. How we eat depends on many of our personal preferences and body. Eating a meat-heavy diet doesn’t (and shouldn’t) work for everybody. It would put most people at risk of developing heart disease. While it’s common to want to go in the opposite direction and cut out meat entirely, you might find that you’re unable to break down fruits or vegetables to get the nutrients you need. You would then have to look at other places for things like vitamin C or dietary fiber. In this case, a vegan diet wouldn’t be an ideal way to eat healthy because you would end up malnourished. You can learn the best way to eat for your body to get the appropriate nutrients your body needs.

Schedule your appointment today

Don’t put off learning more about your body and how you can best approach creating a nutrition plan. Not every nutrition plan will work for everybody, and it sometimes takes some extra investigating to find out the best approach to your health.

Get in touch today to schedule your appointment for nutritionist genetic testing. I’ll teach you what your genetic code says about how you should be eating to get the best results from your diet. Call Dietitian For All at 203-977-2446, or send a message using the contact form to get started.

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