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What happens in a biomagnetism therapy session?
June 12, 2023 at 6:00 AM
Image of a woman in a desert, the way it feels when you're looking for relief from biomagnetism therapy.

Biomagnetism therapy is a groundbreaking technique using the healing power of magnets to help the body heal itself. It's gaining recognition worldwide for its effectiveness in addressing a wide range of health conditions.

Instead of simply treating the superficial symptoms of illness, biomagnetism therapy detects and balances the body's pH imbalances that cause disease. From the flu to allergies and circulatory blockages, this therapy helps people find relief and heal from the root.

What is biomagnetism therapy?

Biomagnetism therapy is a holistic approach to wellness. It uses magnets to bring the body back into balance.

Imbalance is frequently at the root of diseases and chronic, treatment-resistant conditions. By placing magnets at different points in the body, treatment can clear the path for the body to heal naturally with minimal intervention. Biomagnetism therapy shouldn't replace medical care from a GP but can enhance the overall efficacy of treatment.

Behind biomagnetism treatment is the philosophy that the body knows how to heal itself when given the right conditions. It allows the body to regain balance and improve symptoms, sometimes even after one session.

What happens during a biomagnetism therapy session

The patient lies down during biomagnetism therapy sessions. The therapist then identifies shortened muscles on the body, which show the manifested imbalance.

After identifying the ideal spots to place the magnets and leaves them in place for about half an hour until the imbalance no longer manifests. This process is safe, non-invasive, and can benefit people of all ages.

It's a risk-free method of promoting wellness and balance.

After incorporating biomagnetism therapy into your regular wellness routine, the body can reveal new locations to clear. While some people notice symptom improvement after a single session, others might require more before experiencing the therapy's full benefits.

What kind of post-therapy care do patients need?

Patients can prevent reinfection after a biomagnetism therapy session by sterilizing high-risk items like toothbrushes and water bottles, the same as you normally would after recovering from a cold or flu.

Post-session care maintains the healing process. It prevents the recurrence of the illness and protects the individual from other potential infections.

Always follow the care guidelines of your wellness practitioner to accelerate the journey to optimal health.

Who can benefit from biomagnetism therapy?

Biomagnetism therapy is generally suitable for most people. There are some exceptions:

  • Individuals who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatments within the last three years
  • People with pacemakers or other electromechanical implants
  • Pregnant individuals

It's crucial that patients disclose such information for their safety and to ensure the therapy will be effective.

From those battling chronic conditions to those seeking general well-being, biomagnetism therapy can help by supporting the body's inherent healing ability.

Is using biomagnetism therapy worth it?

Biomagnetism therapy is a commitment to your health. Investing in therapy is dedicating yourself to nurturing your body, allowing it to heal and function optimally.

The cost of a therapy session can vary, but the return on your investment is improved physical and mental health.

Schedule a consultation with Dietician For All to learn more about biomagnetism.

The path to optimal health can take a wide range of wellness services, and biomagnetism therapy is just one. It offers a safe, non-invasive treatment for the root of many health conditions.

At Dietitian For All, we support your journey toward better health, helping you make informed decisions about the available tools and therapies. We customize our services to the needs of our clients to help them live their best lives.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how biomagnetism therapy and our extensive nutritional services can help you achieve optimal health.

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