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What is Stamford, CT Ketone Testing?
January 25, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Stamford, CT ketone testing is a helpful way to monitor your overall health.

The importance of proper nutrition can't be overstated. It helps reduce the risk of certain diseases, bolsters your immune system, and gives you the energy you need to tackle whatever challenges life may throw your way. One aspect that's especially essential but is too often overlooked is your ketone levels. These chemicals impact many other parts of your body, and with Dietitian For All's Stamford, CT ketone testing, you can understand how your ketones are affecting you.

What Are Ketones?

Ketones are chemicals that your liver produces when your body doesn't have enough insulin to transform glucose into energy. Since your body can't convert the sugar into energy, it has to break down your fat and muscle instead. As they're broken down, ketones are produced, and this acid waste product starts building up in the blood until the muscles and other tissues use them for fuel.

Ketone levels tend to rise when there is too little insulin in the body or when you simply aren't eating enough because you've skipped meals or are losing weight. Under normal conditions, most people will have ketone readings of .6 millimoles per liter (mmol/L) or less. If you have 0.6 to 1.5 mmol/L, you have low to moderate ketone levels. 1.6 to 3.0 mmol/L is considered high, and anything more than that is a very high amount of ketones.

Why Are Ketones Important?

Ketones are becoming more widely understood as the new keto diet has grown in popularity. With this trend, individuals consume a low-carb diet to put their body into ketosis, which is the state where ketones are created. That allows them to burn fat and ketones for energy rather than carbs. If you are a healthy person with the right insulin levels, producing ketones for energy has been shown to have numerous benefits, including weight loss, reduced appetite, and a drastic drop in dangerous triglycerides.

However, high levels of ketones are dangerous for people who have diabetes. When afflicted with diabetes, your body can't regulate insulin, glucagon, and other hormones, and as the ketones continue to build, it leads to a potentially life-threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Symptoms of DKA include feeling overly thirsty, abdominal pain, exhaustion, confusion, and difficulty breathing. If you have diabetes and are experiencing these symptoms, it's essential to contact a Stamford, CT ketone testing provider to see if your ketone levels have reached a dangerous threshold.

How is Stamford, CT Ketone Testing Performed?

There are three primary means of testing an individual's body for ketones. The easiest is testing for breath acetone. Acetone is a byproduct of ketone production, and it's detectable with a breath test. If the test comes back positive, it means you have ketones, but it doesn't provide the most accurate information on the amounts in your body.

Urine testing for acetoacetate (AcAC) is another viable option. With high levels of ketones, your body can't fully utilize all of the ones produced, and some of them are reabsorbed into the kidney's filtration system. We can measure the level of AcAC that's excreted through the urine to understand how many ketones you're producing.

The most accurate test, though, is blood testing for beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). BHB is created when the AcAC is chemically reduced by enzymes found in your liver, and it's the ketone body found at the highest levels in the blood. While it is the most accurate measurement of your ketones, it's also more expensive than the other options.

Do You Need Ketone Testing in Stamford, CT?

Then contact the experts at Dietitian For All. With years of specialized training and real-world experience, I understand that everyone's nutritional needs are different. That's why I never use a one-size-fits-all approach to my nutritional training. Instead, I'll work with you to help you identify your unique needs and devise a nutrition plan that will help you live a healthier, happier life. Get started today by visiting us online and scheduling your initial consultation.

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