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Why work with Dietitian for All during summer travel months
June 20, 2022 at 10:00 PM
Image of a round table filled with food and surrounding by friends who worked with Dietitian For All for functional nutrition.

Summer is the time to unwind, relax, and live out all your travel dreams. Whether your vacation plans are to rent a beach house or head to Europe, it can be hard to stick to your meal plan when you’re away from the routine of home and work. Don’t splurge on your meal choices when you’re away from home and then force yourself into a restrictive diet when you return from vacation. Instead, work with a nutritionist to find food that supports your body’s needs, whether you’re on the boardwalk, hanging out in Paris cafes, or lounging by the pool. Dietitian For All works with clients to develop a non-diet-based approach to what they eat so you can feel great regardless of where your summer travel plans take you.

Start with a nutrition-focused physical assessment.

If you feel as though your wellness is unpredictable, it could be because you’re unaware of existing food sensitivities. Even without an outright allergy, a food sensitivity can cause a wide range of health ailments that don’t seem directly connected to diet.

There can be incredible pressure to get your “summer body” through restrictive dieting and rigid meal planning. But the ideal summer body is the one in which you feel healthy. A non-diet approach to eating can ensure you stay healthy through all your summer travel plans while still enjoying the food culture of wherever you go.

Adopt a pre-travel healing diet.

You may be used to packing a bag full of medications and stressing about whether you’ll be able to find something to eat on the menu while you’re traveling. But your ailments, from asthma to IBS, may be a matter of avoiding just a few foods. Dietitian For All provides clients with healing diet plans after their initial assessment and testing.

A healing diet focuses on fresh, whole foods while limiting consumption of:

  • Processed sugar and other ingredients
  • Refined grains
  • Added fat

They’re usually established by shopping the outside aisles of the supermarket and focusing on:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy fats
  • Organic and free-range meats

A healing diet may not be sustainable for all your summer travel plans. Still, it’s a great way to identify food sensitivities and eliminate some health concerns related to what you eat.

Get a better understanding of your unique nutritional needs.

There’s no shortage of information about “good” and “bad” foods regarding your health. But nutritional requirements are unique to every individual. Your friends and family may feel great on a fad diet while your energy slumps.

Understanding your nutritional needs by working with a skilled nutritionist like Dietitian For All gives you the knowledge you need to eat well and feel great in any situation. Our approach isn’t a diet; it’s functional medicine that provides for every individual’s health needs through what they eat.

Book a consultation with Dietitian For All in Connecticut for help making healthy food choices during the summer.

Inessa Makdulina, MS, RD, CDN, founded Dietitian for All to provide her clients with the knowledge they need to create lasting lifestyle transformations. We look beyond traditional care modalities to provide our clients with treatment through functional medicine that does more than put a bandaid on their ailments.

Using a wide range of testing, we help our clients identify the source of their condition. Then, we provide them with comprehensive nutritional support that isn’t just a diet. Our guidance gives our clients a way to feel and live better by getting the nutrition that provides for their unique needs.

Make an appointment to start feeling better with testing and nutritional support from the Dietitian For All.

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